Legal knowledge is not enough by itself to represent our clients well. The Sperry law firm provides a full roster of legal and consulting services to handle the business needs of our clients by leveraging our decades of the real-world, practical experience in the sports world, including a role as Associate General Counsel and Business Affairs Manager for the Panoz Motorsports Group, successful roles in sales and marketing at the sports highest level (ALMS and NASCAR) and starting up and operating a sales and marketing agency for the motorsports and automotive industry, all before opening our legal practice utilizing the contacts and connections developed in these prior roles.

Our primary areas of emphasis are:

Structuring, drafting, and negotiating a wide range of contracts

Such as personal and professional services agreements, sponsorship agreements, license agreements, commercial leases, agent agreements, management agreements, endorsement agreements, and marketing agreements.

Maintaining control of and protecting your rights

Helping clients develop and enforce a comprehensive strategy for maintaining control of and protecting your intellectual property, including the protection of ideas and inventions through restrictive covenants and trade secret law and issues related to trademark law, including the protection and licensing of image, likeness, and trademarks.


Chris Sperry is a member of the Sports and Entertainment section of the State Bar of Georgia and a member of and volunteer for the Georgia Lawyers for the Arts.

We have years of experience in the motorsports industry. From teams, drivers and track owners to sponsors, no matter what you need we’ve got it covered!


It is important to have a solid legal foundation in place to protect your interests and secure your peace of mind. 

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